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 PRICING offers completely FREE, 2-month trial subscriptions, with absolutely no contracts or commitments of any kind.  Please contact us either through the "Contact Us" page of this website, or at (315) 701-1372 to set-up your FREE trial today!

For subscriptions after the completion of a FREE trial, has a 3-step, no gimmick pricing program.  There are never any other fees, costs or charges of any kind.

STEP 1 - Annual Subscription Fee

One-Year Subscription:  $800/year

Three-Year Subscription:  $725/year

Five-Year Subscription:  $650/year

One-Year Subscription for departments, agencies and teams which are dispatched to 100 or fewer incidents per year:  $300/year

All subscription fees are per year, per subscribing department, agency or team.  Subscription fees are NOT per member, and it does not matter how many members you have. 

Subscription fees may be paid in equal, annual payments, or in full up-front.  Multi-year subscriptions paid up-front are eligible for a 4% discount.

Discounts are available for region-wide implementations.  Please call for regional pricing quotes.

STEP 2 - Set-up Fee

There is a one-time only set-up fee of $50 per subscribing department, agency or team.

STEP 3 - Telephone calls

There is a charge of 2.8 cents (U.S. and Canada only; for all other locations call for pricing) for each call made to by your members, when they call into the system to report that they are responding to an incident.  This is billed to the subscribing department, agency or team, and NOT to your members.  These charges are billed quarterly, based upon actual usage. When members respond in via a simple button press on our free apps (instead of calling), there is no charge for those responses.

Explanation: Your members call to report that they are responding to an event.  They call a toll-free number, so that they do not get billed.  Your subscribing department, agency or team is billed 2.8 cents for each such call, which means that your department is billed just $28 for every 1,000 calls made to your system.  This charge does NOT apply to’s outbound messaging system, which has unlimited, free outbound messaging.  This charge also does NOT apply to members indicating their response status via our free apps.

NOTE: There is an annual, maximum cap of $300 per department, agency or team for telephone call costs, so no department, agency or team will ever pay more than $300/year for telephone call costs.  Most subscribers never reach an amount even close to this cap.

Example:  Smith Fire Dept. responds to 350 dispatches per year, and an average of 8 members turn out for each incident.  If every responding member calls for every dispatch, there will be 2,800 calls made per year, at a total annual cost of $78.40. However, we would expect that at least 50% of the responses would be via our free apps, rather than a phone call, so the annual phone call cost would be just $39.20 in this example. 

**All pricing is subject to change without advance notice.  Only signed Subscription Agreements guarantee pricing.**