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Call 315-701-1372 or 877-509-0381, or email us here.'s patented* system lets you know immediately who is responding to your calls and dispatches, where they are responding, and when they will be responding.  This saves critical time, and reduces response times, for fire departments, EMS agencies, SAR and technical rescue teams, and any other incident response teams when responding to emergencies.  IamResponding is 100% web-based - there is no software to download or configure!

With, you will:

  • Know immediately if you have a full crew on the way, or if you need to page additional personnel;
  • Stop waiting for members who are not on their way, and stop leaving the station just as others are coming around the corner;
  • Know who is responding to the station, scene or any other location;
  • Get out with more complete, more effective and safer crews faster; and
  • Reduce response times! includes many other great features, including:

  • FREE iOS (Apple) and Android apps, with fully integrated Google MapsTM
  • Dispatch messages right to all of your mobile devices;
  • Mapping of your incidents, with voice and visual navigation to the scene;
  • Hydrant and water source mapping;
  • 30+ map marker icons (truss construction information, Knox BoxTM information and locations, road closures, bridge height and weight restrictions, and many more);
  • AVL - automated mapping of the location of all responding apparatus;
  • Pre-plans embedded right into your maps for immediate identification and access to pre-plan documents and images;
  • An instant mass-messaging system for enhanced communications within your department or team;
  • Web-based scheduling;
  • Full incident reporting;
  • Training and Drill tracking and reporting;
  • Attendance (meetings, fundraisers, etc) tracking and reporting;
  • Class completion tracking and reporting;
  • Service award point (LOSAP) tracking and reporting;
  • Expiration date tracking and reporting (e.g. for all certifications);
  • Apparatus status tracking;
  • A fully interactive calendar;
  • And much more!

System overview videos are viewable here.

In addition to voice and visual navigation directly to your incident location, here's a snap shot of just some of what IamResponding's Advanced Mapping System can do for you:

Activate your FREE 2-MONTH TRIAL today!  
Call 315-701-1372, or email us here.

*US Patents 8,009,810, 8,848,877 B2;  CA Patent 2,676,134; AU Patent 2008208041; NZ Patent 578654; International Patents Pending