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6/20/2014 5:56:02 AMWe have had reports of periodic issues with the delivery of some messages sent via Verizon to addresses. This is an issue within Verizon's network, and we are continuing to work with them on it. No one should be having any issues with dispatch messages, as long as those are sent through your IaR system. In their online IaR member profile, Verizon users should enter their cell phone number, followed by in the "priority messaging" box (in the dispatch messages section of their profile). They also need to check the box next to "priority messaging." There has been NO issue with dispatch messages sent via priority messaging to Verizon users. Non-dispatch messages are the only ones that may be affected by this Verizon issue. For messaging redundancy purposes, members should also have an email address entered, and any messages should be sent out via both email and text. For those members with iPhones and Android phones, they should download our free app. In the app's setting page, they should select to receive messages, and designate a unique ring tone. Any message sent to them via text or email will then also be sent to their app via push notification.
5/30/2014 7:48:17 PMATTENTION VERIZON USERS: If you are having your text messages sent to an address, you need to change that to an address or you will likely encounter message delivery issues. If your department receives dispatch messages through our system, you should use the priority messaging option in your member profile to get those messages, and should enter the address in the priority messaging box.