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5/11/2016 11:46:52 AMLATEST VERIZON TEXTING UPDATE: We have been working extensively with Verizon at their highest levels concerning delayed text messages sent to addresses. There is no near-term fix forthcoming on their end. Therefore, we are deploying steps to work-around their issues. FIRST, starting today, all manually sent messages to addresses will be re-routed through an entirely separate, faster, and more reliable Verizon gateway. Pros: those messages will be delivered faster and more reliably. Cons: recipients will know the department the message came from, but not the individual who sent it, and will not be able to text a reply message back to the sender (replies can be sent, but won't be routed to the person who sent you the text message). We think the pros outweigh the cons, in the short term. SECOND, in approximately 3 weeks we will deploy new messaging logic that will restore the ability to see who sent you the text message, and your ability to reply to those text messages. Thank you for your patience with this, and please contact with any questions. Thank you.
5/9/2016 7:03:53 AMVERIZON UPDATE: We are aware of a Verizon issue that is delaying manually sent messages sent via IaR to users' addresses. This issue DOES NOT affect automated messages or dispatch messages, and there should be no delay with those messages. We are actively working with Verizon to address this issue, which is entirely within their network due to network changes that they have made. In the interim, this is why we provide many redundant messaging pathways (email, secondary email, text, alpha-pager and app push notifications). Please be sure that you are sending messages through all of our available pathways, and that your users' profiles are set up to be able to receive messages via all available messaging pathways. Please contact with any questions. Thank you.