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TwoToneDetect by IamResponding is a computer program that interfaces with a radio receiver or scanner. It uses the computer’s sound card to listen to the received audio and detect two-tone sequential paging sequences (Quick-Call 2 and similar formats) commonly used for fire department alerting. Upon detecting known two-tone pages, the program records dispatch audio and imports it directly into your IamResponding system. Members then receive alerts and the audio right through their IaR apps. Try a FREE trial of IamResponding, with TwoToneDetect as a fully integrated component!
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TwoToneDetect, by IamRespondingfor fire, EMS and all emergency responders

TwoToneDetect by IaR is meant as a secondary notification method only. Do not use TwoToneDetect to replace pagers.

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  • A stand-alone, free download for personal, non-commercial use only, with limited technical support, downloadable here

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