IamResponding has a web-based calendar that is integrated into many of its other functions.  While calendars are common, the problem with most is that they are only good when anyone remembers to look at them.  IamResponding's calendar posts all upcoming events right on users' main IamResponding page, so that they are always quickly viewable.

This calendar is also tied into IamResponding's mass messaging system.  When events are added to the calendar, email and text message notifications can be automatically sent to everyone who needs to know about that event, and the system can also be set to send them automated reminders as the event approaches, and if any details about the event change. 

IamResponding's calendar is available both online and via IamResponding's free apps, and includes a full RSVP feature so that you always know in advance of any meeting, drill, etc who will be attending and who will not.

With IamResponding's integrated approach to the web-based calendar, your members will always know about important upcoming events, even if they never look at the calendar!

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