We understand that is relied upon by our subscribers 24x7x365, and that service interruptions are not acceptable. is deployed on a fully redundant, fault tolerant, and geographically co-located network infrastructure in order to avoid service interruptions.'s network reliability has been proven through real-world usage to be fully capable of delivering the most reliable web-based service in the fire and EMS industry.  There are more than 325,000 emergency responders utilizing in almost every State of the U.S. and Province of Canada. has successfully:

  • Processed more than 29 MILLION telephone calls from emergency responders;and
  • Delivered more than 500 MILLION outbound messages to users. is proud of the network reliability that it has been able to deliver to its subscribers, and will continue to expand its network capacity to always scale far ahead of the needs of its current subscribers.

Because is an entirely web-based system, users are not responsible for loading, configuring, or updating any software or programs.  No computer technicians or IT professionals are necessary on the user end.  The only thing that subscribers need to do in order to use is to log into IamResponding( from any internet connected computer.

There are two primary components to the system infrastructure of  the network infrastructure and the telephone system, both of which are in constant communication with each other.

Network Infrastructure

In web-based applications, redundancy and fault tolerance are critical to system reliability.  Before subscribing to any web-based application, you should always be diligent in learning about the network infrastructure that supports the application.  If you are looking for a reliable system, you should make certain that the infrastructure is fully redundant, with no single point of failure.  What this means is that every hardware component needs to be at least duplicated, with each component of the infrastructure designed to automatically fail over to comparable hardware in the event of any failure of any component of the network.  If the application's infrastructure is not fully redundant and fault tolerant, then the application can be subject to substantial down time in the event of any hardware or network failure. 

The network infrastructure of fully addresses these issues with a fully redundant and fault tolerant infrastructure.  Unlike traditional web applications, there are no scheduled “service” or “maintenance” windows for  Rather, our network infrastructure is designed to provide uninterrupted service 24x7x365.  Many Internet based systems are backed by claims of 98% or even 99% system uptime.  While this may sound impressive, a system with only 99% uptime will still be down for more than 87 hours per year!  That is simply not acceptable, and is why the complex network infrastructure of is fully redundant and fault tolerant.  Substantial resources have been devoted to the network infrastructure of in order to ensure the highest level of system availability possible, with an infrastructure that meets or exceeds any in the industry.

At each of's dedicated data centers, every piece of hardware is fully duplicated and redundant.  In addition,'s complete network infrastructure is fully replicated at multiple geographically diverse locations, which provides for complete, instantaneous failover from site to site, in the event of any unforeseen issues at one of the data centers.  This geographic co-location is not for disaster recovery purposes, as disaster recovery systems often involve significant time before they are running and available to users.  Rather, each data center is fully live and operational at all times, with complete site-to-site failover within less than 2 seconds.

In addition to the complete redundancy and fault tolerance of the network infrastructure, all of our servers are backed up at least daily, and are often backed up even more frequently.  All servers and network devices are internally and externally monitored 24x7x365, allowing for the proactive detection of any potential issues before they can impact system performance.

Our network has redundant and fault tolerant 1 gigabit/s (1,000 Mb/s) Fiber Internet connections to Tier 1 network providers, which have a multitude of network paths to the Internet.  This enables the network infrastructure of to remain accessible via the Internet at all times. 

In order to protect against Internet outages or service interruption on the user end, is embedded with an industry leading application that fully restores user connectivity and sessions to the latest data views without users having to re-launch or log back into the application.  Even if your station loses Internet connectivity, your system will be fully re-connected to and updated upon the resumption of your Internet connection without you having to do anything, even if your Internet connection is interrupted for as long as eleven hours.

Power at our primary data centers is supplied by dual redundant power grids, with both primary and redundant un-interruptible power supplies.  At our primary data center, we have eleven emergency back-up Caterpillar diesel generators, each of which has 3000 gallons of fuel, and 60,000 gallons of fuel held on-site in reserve.  In the event of a primary power failure, un-interruptible power supply batteries support the complete power load of our network infrastructure until automatic transfer to generator power is completed.

Our data centers are also equipped with state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and climate control systems.  The centers are patrolled by security 24x7x365, and are fully monitored via a closed circuit camera system.  Access to the data centers is controlled by biometric hand scanners, and access to our system infrastructure requires three separate hand scan verifications.  The building structure at our primary data center has no public signage, allows no public access, and was constructed with steel seismic bracing which meets or exceeds all seismic/earthquake codes.

Telephone System.

The telephone system of is designed to support a current capacity of thousands of simultaneous telephone calls.  With each telephone call to the lasting no more than twelve seconds (and with most calls lasting no longer than six seconds), the telephone system is capable of handling a call capacity which greatly exceeds the needs of our current subscribers.  Telephone call metrics and capacity are continuously monitored and evaluated, and the scalability of the telephone system ensures that call capacity will always be increased at a rate which surpasses call volume growth.

Our telephone system is also fully redundant and fault tolerant, with a primary system located on the East coast of the United States, and a completely redundant system located in the Southwest.  All telephone calls automatically roll over to our Southwest data center in the event of any unlikely failures in our primary system.  The data centers in which our telephone systems are located are secure environments which share many of the same security and environmental protections of the primary data center in which our network infrastructure is located.

Technical Support.

In the unlikely event of any technical issues, subscriptions to include 24x7x365 email technical support, at no additional cost.  As a demonstration of the high level of confidence that we have in the reliability of, subscribers are also provided with the direct email address and direct mobile telephone number of our company President, so that our subscribers may reach him directly with any urgent technical issues.


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